She’s tiny but fierce . The relax mini sage stick is to calm the nervous system and heal what no longer serves you . The reiki infused mini sage stick is made up of ethically sourced white sage , cedar , lavender , rose , carnation and rosemary .Sage is burned - for protection , purify space , promoting wisdom and bringing clarity to heal mind , body and soul .Cedar is burned for - protection of any unwanted energies and influences .Carnations are burned for - protection , gaining strength and healing in the energy of love .Bay leaves are burned for - releasing anxiety , alleviates fatigue . Has a great energy boosting effect .Lavender is burned for - inducing sleep , healing and relaxation . It’s also great for attracting the energy of love . It’s known to have the highest “prana” than any other known herb .Rosemary is burned for - purifying , aid in healing and dispelling depression .

Relax and Heal Mini sage stick