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Sacred Sanitizer is made with a unique blend of The Pink Crow’s healing energized oils, this powerful spray can help the spiritual body and sanitize the physical body. It’s made with 70% isopropyl alcohol so it serves as an antiseptic which is the perfect solution for cleaning and sanitizing skin and surfaces.

Energetically it can help with the following ;

* Dislodging out stress energies from chakras such as the Solar Plexus , crown, etc.

* Dissolve negative energy cords that could drain your chakras

* Disintegrate diseased energies within the chakras and body to feel lighter


Not your average sanitizer . Reiki infused.

Sacred Sanitizer

  • Clearing that caca energy while sanitizing at same time ! This is a two for one product. In a 4oz bottle is perfect for carrying with you on the go .  It will help raise your vibration and frequency whhen used. Contains 70% Isopropyl Alcohol essential oils and herbal extractions. Handmade . As a pranic practitioner I use this combo of ingredients via a spray in energy clearing services to remove “dirty” energy. It’s a great clearing tool and revitalizes life force energy with the propriety blend of essential oils used. It’s a sacred spray that doubles as a sanitizer. Enjoy !

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