L.A. native, Lidia aka Luna is the Creator of The Pink Crow. Lidia has cultural roots from Mexico and El Salvador but was also raised by a Jewish step-mom and Guatemalan step-dad.  She is active in cultural traditions and ceremonies from her childhood and proudly stays grounded in rituals that remind her of her roots.  Lidia is a creative kind spirit with an education in Graphic Design/Marketing and a background in Social Justice.  She has served underserved communities for years and has  volunteered and worked over the years advocating for social change, aiming to empower communities. 

 Lidia is an intuitive empath who has recently decided to actively pursue a mindful yet creative business that allows her to help people in their spiritual journey.  Lidia is currently a licensed esthetician and reiki practitioner as well as a proud mother of two girls residing in the South Pasadena, CA.


The mission of The Pink Crow is to create space through Reiki, handmade goods and spiritual events where healing energy for the mind, body and soul can be accessible.  As a Reiki Guide, The Pink Crow will help clear the energy that flows within all of us, yet also be a support system in the health of your personal spiritual journey.  We want to gently inspire you to awaken your best self and share the tools on how to maintain the highest vibrations in your daily life.